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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

My first year experience!

I decided to do a post all about my first year experience of college/uni. This may be helpful for anyone starting college in September.

The thought of moving away from home was very scary. I was leaving home and going to a place where none of my friends from school were going. I knew that it would be hard but I had no idea how hard it would be. I was just so happy to finally get my accommodation finally sorted that I didn't ask for any details about the house. I choose to live in student accommodation. As the receptionist for the accommodation lead me and my mum to the door, she explained that I was going to be living with six other people!! Six girls!! Complete strangers! The thought got me nervous. I met all the housemates one by one. They seemed okay, but that night they went out and left me on my own. I'm a shy person anyways around new people and it was very overwhelming moving into a house with six overconfident girls. None of them seemed remotely like me. The first night away from home was horrible. I couldn't stop crying. I missed my mum so much. I just wanted to go home. The next day was orientation. I was so sad all day, I felt so homesick. I met some nice girls that day but I couldn't wait to make some proper friends. The next few weeks, I was still homesick, living in a house I absolutely hated, constant houseparties and no one cleaning up after themselves. I was starting to make friends on my course but still felt so unhappy. I was crying all the time. The thought of going home at the weekend kept me going through the week. I felt so intimidated by the girls I was living with. They always hard the house full of different people and I never once felt at home. They were such a tough few months. My life had changed so much and I just wanted to it to go back to how it was. There was a girl from my hometown who I kind of knew living nearby so I used to spend time with her sometimes. If I didn't even have her I don't know what I would have done. I was going out and having fun yeah, but I just didn't feel myself.

The second semester was so much better and I finally started to enjoy myself!
It began with seven weeks of placement, as I'm a nursing student. I loved it and it was so much better than sitting in boring lectures all day! I used to visit these two girls that I became friendly with in the first semester in the evenings. I don't know what I would have done without these. There was another girl who was in my course as well that also used to go and visit them. I was friends with her from the very beginning. All of us just bonded and became the best of friends. I love those girls way too much and we are unbelievably close. The memories we've had together since! For the last few weeks, I just spent all my time at their house and I was feeling myself again. Nothing like those horrible first few months!

Looking back I just realise that it takes time. Your not just going to adapt to your new life straight away. First year was definitely an experience and I can say I enjoyed it now, well the second semester anyways. I love my course so far and I hope it stays that way. I am going to have lots more college related posts coming up.

Chat soon...Rachel xoxo

Monday, 9 June 2014


Hello again, okay so I know that I am a terrible blogger. Its been months since I last posted and  I really don't know where the time has went.  I was just so busy with college work and I finally got a job, which has been taking up most of my time. I'm on my Summer holidays now though for the last few weeks and no longer have to balance both college and work, just work for now. That means I have a little more time to blog. I can't wait to get back into it again. Here are some pics showing what I've been up to...

Nights out

Miley Cyrus and One Direction
Two amazing concerts especially One Direction! ;)


So I'm finished my first year of college. I'm going to do some posts about my first year. I'll be posting regularly again. Chat soon...Rachel x