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Monday, 15 July 2013

Mac plumful! <3

I've been loving mac's plumful lipstick recently. I always seem to be wearing it. It's a lovely plum/pink colour. The first two pics of the lipstick are without flash, which makes it look a lot more purple than it actually is! Then the next two pics are with flash, which makes it look pink. The first swatch is with flash and the second is without! Then there is a pic of me wearing the lipstick just so you can see what the colour looks like on my lips! The finish is a lustre which means it comes out very sheer on the lips. I absolutely adore mac lipsticks. I know they are quite expensive but the quality is amazing! They are so long lasting. What mac lipsticks have you been loving? 


  1. Such a pretty colour on you

    Carrieanne x