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Thursday, 14 January 2016


Hey! I headed back to Sligo last Sunday for college and this is what I wore.

Trousers, gilet & boots - Penny's
Polo neck jumper - Dunnes 
Necklace - Local shop called Glamorize 

I hope you liked seeing what I wore. We had a nice walk in a local forest called Hazelwood and I'm going to show pics in my next post.  Chat soon... Rachel xo

Friday, 8 January 2016

Some repurchases!

Hey! This post is going to show some of the bits I repurchased recently. I picked up Simple's kind to skin vital vitamin day cream. I ran out of this so I had to repurchase as I think it is a great moisturiser. I love simple products. As I've very sensitive and acne prone skin, I think it's the best brand for me. I also picked up Simple's 'spotless skin blackhead eliminating face scrub'. I like to use this when I have breakouts. I find it makes my skin look clearer. It has zinc and chamomile which are great for your skin. I also ran out of my bare minerals 'bare skin' pure brightening serum foundation in the shade 'bare natural 07'. I find this foundation great and I've repurchased it a few times already. It provides great coverage. It is a mineral foundation but it also includes a skincare serum. As I've already mentioned, I've acne prone skin so I find bare minerals a great brand to use.

Simple is also such a affordable brand. The day cream costs €5.30 and the face scrub costs €4.80. The bare minerals foundation is a bit pricier but it's so worth it. It's one of the best foundations I've ever used. It costs €31.00. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my fave products that I repurchased. Chat soon, Rachel xo 

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Flormar lipsticks

Hey! As mentioned in a previous post, I've been loving the brand Flormar recently. I came across the shop in Tenerife and I've been loving it ever since. They are an Italian brand but they just relaunched in Ireland a few months ago. I have 5 lipsticks from the range and I've been loving them. The are so long lasting and the best thing about them is they are so affordable. 

Revolution perfect lipsticks - I have two lipsticks from this range. I love the packaging, it looks so expensive. They are only €6.95 and I think this is brilliant for a lipstick that is so long lasting.

R16 Burgundy Mission - This is a lovely burgundy colour and it has been perfect to wear throughout the Winter.

R06 Revloutionary red - This is a bright pink/reddish colour that is perfect for a night out.

RO6 Revolutionary red

Supershine lipsticks- These lipsticks look so shiny and glossy.

525 Chic Plum - This is a dark plum colour that as also been great to wear throughout the Winter.

505 Fiery red - I've been loving this lipstick throughout the Christmas period. It's a lovely shiny, glossy, bright red. I don't really like dark red lipstick so this one is perfect for me.

Supermatte Lipstick - 203 Cream Cashmere - This has been a favourite of mine lately and I've already mentioned it in a previous post. It's a matte nude colour that is perfect for everyday wear. 

The cost of the supershine and supermatte lipsticks are only 4.95, which is great!! 

The prices of the Flormar range from 2.95-12.95. This is so affordable for the quality you are getting. I can't wait to pick up more bits from the range.

Check out their website here & also check out the 'Flormar Ireland' Facebook page to check out the list of stockists around Ireland. 

Sunday, 3 January 2016

Cocoa Brown Gift Set

Hey! I recieved this Cocoa Brown gift set for Christmas (my mum knows me too well haha). Cocoa Brown is the only tan I use at the moment. I love the perfumed smell it has compared to other tans. I also love how it doesn't give you that orange look.

In the gift set there was a loofah, 1 hour tan mousse and the tough stuff body scrub.

I love this 1 hour tan mousse. If you leave it on for an hour you'll have a light glow once you wash it off, the longer you leave it the darker it'll be. I like to leave this on all the night before and wash it off in the morning if I'm going somewhere. I love how I have a lovely tanned glow when I wash it off in the morning, not that orange look you would have with other tans. It then lasts about a week once you moisturise the tan daily.  

I've used the tough stuff scrub previously and find it great at removing stubborn tan. It's also great for prepping the skin before you start your tanning routine, to remove dry skin and dead skin cells so that your tan will come out nicer/more even. It smells gorgeous and it's really easy to wash off. My skin feels super soft and smooth afterwards.

I've been loving the Cocoa Brown range and I can't wait to get my hands on the new golden goddess body oil. Have you tried any of these products? What did you think? 

Saturday, 2 January 2016

Eye make up ft. Fuchsia & Flormar

Hey! I hope you enjoyed my last post showing my everyday make up routine. This post is going to show my eye make up routine. When I'm doing my eye make up I usually use my naked 2 or 3 palette. In this post I used my new Fuchsia nude palette, Rimmel's wake me up wonderful mascara and Flormars eyeliner. I've been loving the brand Flormar recently. I came across the shop when I was in Tenerife a few months back and I've heard so much about it since. This eyeliner is so easy to use and has great lasting power. The Fuchsia palette that I used here is from an Irish brand. I've been loving this palette recently and it's the one I always seem to reach for. The lasting power is also great. I used Catrice's eyebrow set.

I added lipstick to this look, this shade is from flormar. It's super matte in the shade 202. I've been really loving this lipstick lately. 

I hope you enjoyed this post. Chat soon...Rachel xo

Friday, 1 January 2016

Everyday make up!

Hey! Happy new year!! Today's post is about my everyday make up routine. This is the basic make up that I would do for going to places such as college. The products used were:

  • Simple's day mosturiser 
  • Bare minerals 'bare skin' foundation in the shade bare natural 07
  • Rimmel's wake me up wonderful mascara
  • Catrice eyebrow set
  • Rimmel's wake me up concealer in the shade ivory 
  • I applied the foundation with my bare minerals face perfecting brush.

If I'm going out somewhere then I'll usually do my eyes up and add lipstick. I will do a post showing how I do my eye make up. I know this make up is basic but I like having an everyday, natural look. I hope you enjoyed seeing my everyday make up routine.  Chat soon...Rachel xo