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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Naked palette 2!

I'm sure you've all heard about the naked palette 2. I couldn't decide whether to buy Naked 1 or 2 but i eventually choose 2. I think the colours in 2 are much more wearable and I'm a massive fan of brown eyeshadows anyways.
I'm sure everyone knows what it looks like!

It's the only eyeshadow palette I seem to wear anymore. My favourite colour is definitely snakebite. Which is the colour in the middle.

Priced at 42 euro in Ireland.  It's not cheap but I think it's definitely worth the money. The eyeshadow is long lasting and you will get loads of use out of it. Below is a picture of the range of colours available in the palette.


  1. I STILL haven't picked this up- I don't know whether I'd go for the original Naked or the Naked 2 though, decisions, decisions...
    Anyway, I hope you're well and welcome to the blogging world. I'm looking forward to seeing your future posts.
    Hope to speak soon,
    Laura xx

    1. Yeah it took me a long time to decide which one! Thanks for your comment! :) I just looked at your blog there and I love your posts! :)
      Rachel x

  2. love this palette my go to every morning x