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Monday, 30 December 2013

2013 round up!

Well this is my 2013 round up. The year has flew!! Had some tough moments throughout 2013 but also had some great moments to make up for that! I'll start off by showing you me meeting soap stars. First Brax from home and away, then Heath. Then me meeting David Wicks who plays Joey Branning in Eastenders.

I can't forget the amazing one direction concert in March...

Finishing school..have to say I was ready for this. Yeah I had some great times in school, but my final year wasn't that enjoyable...between the stress of the leaving cert and drama with people with I thought were friends.

Above is me and my bestie Kelly just after we finished school. We wouldn't have gotten through that final year without each other.

Finishing the Leaving Cert

After all the hype surrounding it and the stress of it all, I was finally finished them. I had gotten through it! I was free haha! I knew that I had done my best and that's all I could have done. I had done loads of study and done my best in my exams so I was just hoping that it had paid off.

Turning 18

As well as turning 18 in June, I also decided to set up my blog. After ages of reading blogs, I decided to take the plunge. I can't believe I set it up 6 months ago. Yes it still feels like I'm talking to myself sometimes but I'm enjoying blogging. I'm going to stick with it. Hard work pays off eventually (here's hoping haha). A look back at some of my outfit posts...I'm going to try to make these better next year and feature them more on the blog. 

Some Summer memories...

Galway Races

My debs(prom)....what a great day!!

Rihanna concert...

Getting the leaving cert results... I worked so hard throughout the LC year to get the points for nursing. When I got my results, I was delighted with how well I done but I felt really disappointed as I didn't think I had enough. The morning of the cao offers, I got up at half 5. I looked on twitter and saw that someone had leaked the cao results. Shaking, I tried to find the course I wanted as quick as I could. I saw that it was the amount of points that I got..but it had the * sign beside it, which meant that all students with these amount of points weren't all offered a place and random selection occurred. It was getting closer to 6 o' clock and I was so nervous. I was literally praying that I would get the course that I wanted. I clicked in at 6 o' offers for the course I wanted...general nursing. I was offered the next best thing but I really wanted the general nursing. 2nd round offers came a week later...still no offer!! It was so disheartening because I worked so hard and got the required amount of points. I accepted the course that I got offered, which was in the same college. The day before I moved I got a phone call from the college...the woman on the phone to me said ''I'm going to ask you something that requires a yes or no you want a place in general nursing?'' Yes I shrieked!!! Finally got what I wanted..all the hard work seemed worth it!

Results night!

CAO offers...

I took this screenshot 1 min before the cao opened!!

The day came to move away from home for college. Not going to lie, this was much harder than I thought it would be. 

And the college fun begins...

Phew that was a long post haha. I hope you enjoyed looking at my year through pics. I hope 2014 will be a great one. I want to wish everyone best wishes in 2014... Xxx

2013 Beauty faves!

These are my beauty faves from 2013.
Alien perfume by Thierry Mulger. Everyone always told me I smelt so good when I was wearing it. It's expensive but worth it. 
This catrice camouflage concealer is so affordable at only 4 euro. It blends into my skin perfectly and covers all my blemishes.
I will never go back to another foundation. As someone with acne I have to be careful about what I use on my skin but this is perfect for it. As they say its so pure you can almost sleep in it. I wear the shade R230 for during the day and R250 for night-time. 
Another Catrice favourite. I've already done a review on this that you can check out.
I used this so much throughout 2013. I love all the colours in this palette and I love playing around with it coming up with new looks.
Bare Minerals Lash domination mascara. I love this mascara because it gives great length to my eyelashes and makes them stand out.
Benefit posietint. This liquid blusher makes my cheeks look nice and rosy without looking like a clown haha!

Mac plumful lipstick. You can check out the review of done of this a while back here - I loved so many lipsticks throughout 2013 but I won't show them all haha. 

I have have reviews on most of these products already on my blog so you can check them out if your interested in a particular product. I will have a post coming up all about how 2013 was for me! <3 I hope you enjoyed seeing my favourites from 2013. Chat soon..Rachel x

Friday, 27 December 2013

Christmas presents...

Hey, I thought I'd do a post showing you what I got for Christmas. I haven't done this to brag. Personally, I love seeing what people got. I am so grateful for everything I received. I was shocked when I saw a Michael Kors bag. I was so happy because I've wanted one for ages.

I'll have posts coming up about the Bare minerals kits I received soon. Chat soon...Rachel x